Collection: 3 Day Ayurvedic Workshops

The Ayurveda Pura Academy is based in London where students can learn Ayurveda, the holistic Indian medical science, in a college course environment.

Our Ayurveda Academy offers three day courses that are accredited by the Complementary Medical Association. Our selection of courses include the following topics:

Please note that all academy courses start at 10am and finish at 4pm.

3 Day Ayurvedic Workshops

3 Day Workshops 2023
Ayurvedic Beauty Therapies 22-24 June 2023, 2-4 November 2023
Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis Intermediate TBA
Enema Therapy in Ayurveda - Training


What our students say about our workshops...

'The highlight for me on the course was the tutor, Dr Deepa Apte, - very inspirational and passionate about the subject!'

E. Smith, Surrey


'The Ayurveda Pura Academy is by far the best provider of training that I have been on. Highly professional, well delivered and extremely enjoyable. I will be booking my next course soon'

Ms A.J., Dublin


'Please pass on my sincere thanks to Dr Deepa Apte. She is a truly excellent teacher - down to earth, a lovely style and brimming with lots of authentic knowledge and practical tips for my Ayurvedic spa treatments. Her deep understanding of Ayurveda and her ability to explain things in an easy to understand way was really impressive.'

Mrs J.S., Dover


'Many thanks for such an interesting and informative workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will be letting others know just how good the Academy is.'

Ms F.P., London