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Mantra and Sound Therapy in Ayurveda and Yoga - Webinar

Mantra and Sound Therapy in Ayurveda and Yoga - Webinar

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Mantras and sound therapy are an integral part of Ayurveda Yoga Vaastu and Jyotish philosophies. Mantras are sounds or vibrational therapy that can be helpful in imbalances to bring about changes and benefits.
During the 2 hour webinar, you will understand and learn various mantras and their therapeutic applications in everyday life either towards a balanced lifestyle or to help to bring balance.

  • Introduction to Sound Therapy
  • Introduction to Mantras
  • Important Mantras in Ayurveda, Yoga, Vaastu, Jyotish
  • Practical Application of Mantras
  • Importance of OM
  • Understanding the meaning of essential mantras
  • Benefits of various mantras in various ailments or imbalances
  • Matras for various body types or Dosha imbalances
    Yogic mantras

A confirmation of booking along with a link to access the online webinar for 7 days will be emailed manually within 48 hours on receipt of payment.

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