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Ayurveda Pura Academy

Traditional Ayurvedic Facelift Massage Workshop

Traditional Ayurvedic Facelift Massage Workshop

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    Discover the Ancient Secrets of Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage: Transform Your Wellness Practice Today!

    Unlock the timeless principles of Ayurveda and elevate your health and wellness services in our specialized Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage Workshop. This course is designed to be an in-depth guide that covers crucial topics in Ayurvedic care.

    Key Features of This Workshop

    1. Understanding Ayurveda: Start with the basics as we delve into the time-honored principles of Ayurvedic medicine. Familiarize yourself with its holistic approach to well-being.

    2. Three Doshas Unveiled: Gain an intimate understanding of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—the three Doshas or body types in Ayurveda. Learn their characteristics and how they affect individual health and skin conditions.

    3. Dosha Identification: Acquire the skills to determine one's Dosha type, a fundamental step in personalizing Ayurvedic treatments.

    4. Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage: Learn the full sequence of this traditional, non-surgical technique aimed at achieving youthful, radiant skin. This highly effective method is the secret weapon many are seeking for skin rejuvenation.

    5. Significance of Marma Points: Grasp the importance of Marma points—vital energy points on the face related to different Doshas and bodily constitutions.

    6. Hands-on Marma Therapy: Practical guidelines on how to stimulate these Marma points to relieve various symptoms and improve overall facial appearance.

    7. Customized Oil Selection: Master the art of choosing the perfect Ayurvedic oils to suit a client’s unique Dosha, enhancing the efficacy of your treatments.

    Who Should Attend?

    Whether you're a seasoned wellness practitioner, a skincare enthusiast, or a complete beginner, this workshop offers invaluable insights and skills to add to your repertoire.

    Don't miss out on this chance to deepen your understanding of Ayurvedic principles and techniques. Join our Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage Workshop today and pave the way for a more holistic, client-focused practice.

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