Ayurvedic Suggestions for Surviving the Holidays

During the holiday season we are all prone to overindulgence and often neglect healthy routines like proper sleep and nutrition. Ayurveda though is far from taking the fun out of this festive time. In fact Ayurveda encourages us to seek balance in all seasons. It really is in moderation and counteracting the forces of nature when we do overindulge.

Here are some simple Ayurvedic life hacks for surviving the Wintery season:

Keep Warm

Keep bundled up, coat, cap and scarf if you are heading outside. Warm the body as well from the inside using Ayurvedic Herbal Teas like our Cinnamon & Ginger Spice™. This festive flavour will keep you warm and help boost your digestive fire. In addition, drink the smooth and creamy tasting Ayurvedic Golden Milk replacing traditional eggnog. This warming drink is full of antioxidants, prevents and heals inflammation along with giving your skin a beautiful warm glow.

Nurture Your Body

Practice daily self-oil massage (abhyanga) to restore calm and balance to your body. Doing this beautiful ritual everyday will help move lymph, stimulate digestion and relieve aching muscles and joints. This will help to calm the nerves while keeping you healthy and flexible. Self massage also stimulate oxytocin, the “feel good” hormone that calms the nervous system.

Use any of the Ayurveda Pura Massage Oils for the body massage along with the Nourishing Hair Oil with Brahmi & Amla for deep warming penetration to the roots of the hair and scalp.

Finish with a relaxing warm bath accented with the Ayurveda Pura’s Serenity Ayurvedic Candle formulated by Dr. Deepa Apte. This all Tridoshic natural candle is a fragrant and uplifting blend of precious Rose and Peony essential to bringing a sense of calm and balancing the five Doshic elements (fire, water, earth, air & space).

Boost Your Immunity

The holidays cause us to spend more time with those we care about. It is also a time for large gatherings that bring us in contact to bacteria and virus that cause colds an flu. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for such gatherings is the daily consumption of Chyawanprash and the herbal tea Pure Tulsi. Both boost and support the immune system with Pure Tulsi strengthening the lungs. Ayurveda Pura also has the Immune Support Kit providing a range of products to strengthen and defend the body during these months prone to ill health.

Be Grateful - Give To Others

There is so much going in the world that these darker days seem more bleak. This season also lends to thinking of what you don’t have or those that might be missing from our lives. This is the time to practice gratitude. When you feel yourself going inward it is really the time to move yourself outward. It is really this time designated to the giving gifts and time to others that can help you remove unhealthy attachments of isolation and self-loathing.

Give to others and it doesn’t just mean gifts. It can be just making time to make a phone call to someone you haven’t seen in a while. Also, when giving gifts they do not have to be expensive or lavish. In fact the best gifts can be those that promote health and wellbeing.

Why not pre-wrap a few boxes of herbal teas, sample or full sized Chyawanprash to have on hand to surprise an unsuspecting friend. What better way to encourage others in health and prosperity than giving. All the while you will find yourself feeling the warmth of the season that can only come from within….you!

Happy Holidays!
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