Ayurveda During the Holidays

The Ayurvedic way of life offers us extraordinary enrichment in everyday life and gives us the opportunity to maintain the body in long-term balance. In all the festivities and journeys that accompany everyday holiday life, self-sufficiency is of the utmost importance to keep the digestive flame high, to keep the body in balance and to be immune to diseases. Ayurveda teaches us the simplest way to honour the body and enjoy the food of the season.   

In a holiday season dominated by fatty, sugary foods and stress, the Ayurvedic lifestyle can be extremely beneficial. Understand the natural needs of your body, eat, cook, cleanse and heal with the seasons. Just as we change our clothes to fit the current season, Ayurveda offers us a logical system for selecting foods and body care that complement our lifestyle promoting balance.   

Consider using the basic principles of Ayurveda doshas to bring balance and peace to your life.

Here are some tips to keep your mind calm, take care of your body, rest and inspire your soul. Be your own alchemist and use oils, massages and Ayurvedic rejuvenation techniques to transform stress and anxiety into calm and balance.   

One of the most effective ways to reduce holiday stress and regenerate skin is by a daily oil massage, followed by a warm bath. A warm oil massage before a busy day takes care of your body. We have a selection of all natural and organic Ayurvedic massage oils that can be found here.

Introduce daily self-oil massage (Abhyanga) as an immediate way to restore balance and calm to a body and mind ravaged by the holiday. Self-massages with warm oils moisturize your skin, promote better sleep, nourish your mind and body and help your body system to remove toxins.

If you are spending more time with family and holiday obligations, make sure to schedule a few minutes each day for a quick meditation session with alternating nasal breathing. Just as with food at this time of year, it is important to take time for yourself to cope with the holiday stress. If you take time over the Christmas period to check in with your emotions and your heart, you can let go of unnecessary stress and unfulfilled commitments.   

There are many ways to cope with the holiday stress in Ayurveda, from nutrition to the reminder to take time for yourself. The emotional stress factors on the holiday list can cause the prana-vata and the subdosha-vata, which control the mental function, to become unbalanced. Once they are out of balance, you may occasionally experience anxiety and sleep disturbances.  The organic herbal tea Orange & Fennel Bliss™ is an excellent tonic to balance the Vata dosha and melt away stress and to help with a good nights rest.

Commitments to get everything done over the Christmas period can take up our time and energy and leave us exhausted. Persistent stress contributes to imbalances in our mind and body and leads to feelings of sadness and physical exhaustion.   

At this time of year, vata people are particularly prone to anxiety, a feeling of disorder and general discomfort, constipation and gas. Vata types need routine, grounding activities, warm food and balance. It's no wonder so many of us feel stressed at Christmas.   

Practice yoga asanas that encourage slow and methodical movements to balance the cold and dry vata season. You can follow the self massage techniques taught by Dr. Deepa Apté in this unique YouTube video or consider a full body Abhyanga massage at the Ayurveda Pura Health Spa & Beauty Centre.

Last, avoid store-bought lotions and lipsticks that dry out the skin and clog the pores. Replace with 100% All Natural and Organic skincare provided by Ayurveda Pura’s exclusive Holistic Essentials Range of Products. There are also some great gift giving ideas found here.  

Above, are just a few ways to help you survive and thrive during the holiday season leading to new beginnings in January. If we are mindful of Ayurveda during the holidays, then we can start the new year with a fantastic feeling. Enjoy and celebrate with family and friends knowing that caring for yourself lends to caring for others.

Happy Holidays!

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