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Holistic Essentials

Anu Nasya Oil - 30ml Bottle with Dropper

Anu Nasya Oil - 30ml Bottle with Dropper

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  • 100% Pure Anu Nasya Oil
  • Wholeness: Balances body and mind, promoting tranquility
  • Thoughtful Ingredients: Carefully selected herbs, botanicals, and essential oils for holistic support
  • Personal Ritual: Enhances self-care with a daily nurturing routine
  • Respiratory Comfort: Soothes for a comfortable breathing experience
  • Clarity and Focus: Calming aromas encourage mental clarity and focus
  • Relaxation: Facilitates brief rituals for moments of relaxation and serenity
  • Harmonizing: Blends ingredients for holistic balance.
  • Elevate Well-Being: Fusion of tradition and holistic practices for a wellness journey
  • Available in London, UK and worldwide


Experience Holistic Wellness with Holistic Essentials Anu Nasya Oil

Embark on a transformative wellness journey with Holistic Essentials Anu Nasya Oil, also known as Anu Thailam. This expertly crafted nasal oil blend draws inspiration from the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, offering a sensory experience that nurtures both your physical and mental well-being.

The Essence of Anu Nasya Oil:

  1. Ayurvedic Tradition: Achieving balance within the body is paramount to overall well-being. Anu Nasya Oil is thoughtfully formulated to align with these Ayurvedic principles, supporting your body's natural equilibrium.

  2. Nasya Inspired: This nasal oil blend is inspired by the traditional practice of nasya, providing a gentle and comforting approach to supporting respiratory wellness and fostering a sense of clarity.

  3. Thoughtfully Selected Ingredients: Each ingredient in Anu Nasya Oil is chosen with care, combining herbs, botanicals, and essential oils to create a synergistic blend that caters to your senses and supports your holistic wellness journey. It's known to be beneficial for eyes, hair, and even provides relief for migraine.

  4. Wholeness for Body and Mind: Holistic Essentials recognizes the importance of addressing both physical and mental well-being. Anu Nasya Oil offers tranquility for your mind while tending to your body's needs.

  5. Personal Ritual: Incorporating Anu Nasya Oil into your routine can become a nurturing self-care practice amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Benefits of Anu Nasya Oil:

  1. Respiratory Comfort: According to Ayurveda, certain ingredients in Anu Nasya Oil may offer a soothing sensation and support for a comfortable breathing experience.

  2. Clarity and Focus: Immerse yourself in the calming aromas of Anu Nasya Oil to potentially encourage moments of mental clarity and enhanced focus.

  3. Relaxation and Serenity: Engage in a brief self-care ritual with Anu Nasya Oil to experience moments of relaxation and serenity.

  4. Harmonizing Body and Mind: Anu Nasya Oil's blend of thoughtfully selected ingredients works harmoniously to provide a holistic sense of balance.

Elevate Your Well-Being with Anu Nasya Oil:

Holistic Essentials Anu Nasya Oil invites you to embrace a journey of holistic well-being inspired by Ayurveda. Immerse yourself in the fusion of tradition and holistic practices, and elevate your self-care routine with the nourishing essence of Anu Nasya Oil.

How to Use

1. Prepare the Oil

  • Warm the Anu Nasya oil slightly to body temperature. You can do this by placing the oil bottle in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Make sure the oil is not too hot.

2. Lie Down

  • Lie down with your head tilted back so that your nostrils are facing upwards. A pillow under your neck can help position your head comfortably.

3. Apply the Oil

  • Using the dropper, apply the recommended number of oil drops into each nostril. The usual dosage is 2-5 drops per nostril, but follow the advice of your Ayurvedic practitioner.

4. Inhale Gently

  • After applying the oil, inhale gently to help the oil move deeper into the nasal passages. Avoid snorting or inhaling too sharply.

5. Facial Massage

  • Spend a minute or so massaging the outside of your nose and the area above your eyebrows and cheeks. This helps the oil to spread and penetrate more deeply.

6. Spit or Blow

  • You may feel the urge to spit or blow your nose after the procedure. Use clean cotton pads or tissues for this. It's normal to have some oil come down into your throat or out of your nose.

7. Relax

  • Stay lying down for a few minutes after the treatment to let the oil work its way through your nasal passages.

8. Frequency

  • The frequency of Nasya treatment varies according to individual needs and conditions. It might be recommended daily for a specific period or only occasionally. Always follow the guidance of your Ayurvedic practitioner.

Commitment to Purity

Embrace the Essence of Nature with Holistic Essentials. We are committed to selecting the finest natural ingredients. Through stringent testing, we ensure each ingredient is meticulously chosen to be free from heavy metals, bacteria, and fungi, guaranteeing a product of purity and reliability. Trust in our dedication to bringing you the unadulterated beauty of nature, providing a quality you can depend on.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Our products are designed with the Earth in mind, utilising durable glass and, where necessary, food-grade recyclable and repurposed plastic to ensure safety and sustainability. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by choosing materials that balance functionality with eco-consciousness, encouraging a cycle of reuse and recycling. Together, we can make a difference for our planet, one product at a time.

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