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Organic Udvartana Scrub - 500g

Organic Udvartana Scrub - 500g

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In Ayurveda, the rejuvenating technique of using herbal powder for a body massage is known as "Udvartana". Udvartana massage, commonly referred to as dry powder massage, utilizes upward strokes, epitomising the meaning of "Udvartana" – to elevate or ascend. Prior to the application of our premium Udvartana powder, it's advisable to nourish your skin with one of our herb-infused massage oils tailored for Udvartana therapy.

Depending on one's distinct Ayurvedic constitution, both oily and dry versions of Udvartana can be offered. An oily Udvartana massage is often suggested to enhance skin texture, complexion, and radiance, ultimately rejuvenating the skin's glow and tone. Conversely, a dry or rough Udvartana massage focuses on combating excess cellulite, serving as an exceptional Udvartana detox method.

How to Use Udvartana:

Begin by mildly warming one of our premium Holistic Essentials' massage oils. Generously apply it over your body. Subsequently, integrate our Udvartana powder, ensuring you exert maximum tolerable pressure during the massage. For those with delicate skin, blending the powder with warm oil to form a consistent paste is advisable before application.

Always massage in an upward direction: from feet to thighs and from hands to shoulders. Employ circular strokes around the abdomen. Conclude by rinsing with tepid water.

Our Purity Pledge:

Holistic Essentials is committed to the utmost quality. Unlike other brands, we forge direct ties with organic farms worldwide, ensuring the acquisition of the highest quality ingredients. Our handpicked, certified organic ingredients undergo meticulous testing by seasoned experts, guaranteeing exceptional blends. We pride ourselves on fostering genuine relationships with our consumers by producing products with unmatched care.

Eco-conscious Packaging:

Embodying our dedication to Mother Earth, Holistic Essentials' packaging is 100% recyclable, underlining our environmental commitment.

Key Ingredients and Udvartana Benefits:

  • Triphala: Recognized in Ayurveda as a cornerstone herbal concoction, it gently detoxifies, cleansing the skin to render it soft and revitalized.

  • Indian Sandalwood: Its antimicrobial prowess combats acne, aids in scar reduction, and alleviates itching.

  • Rose: A potent skin reviver, its inherent astringent and cooling attributes purify and feed the skin.

  • Manjistha: Esteemed in Ayurveda for its blood-purifying and skin-rejuvenating benefits, it cools and minimizes skin irritations.

  • China Clay: Effective in extracting skin impurities, it elevates dermal circulation, curbs excess oil accumulation, and unblocks pores.

  • Brahmi: Celebrated for its skin-nourishing properties, it offers a grounded, holistic skincare experience.

Experience the holistic and therapeutic benefits of Udvartana with Holistic Essentials. Embrace a rejuvenated self!

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