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Holistic Essentials

Brahmi Powder - 500g - Certified Organic

Brahmi Powder - 500g - Certified Organic

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  • 100% Certified Organic Herb Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)
  • Natural Herbal food supplement
  • Boost concentration, nurtures the hair, elevates well-being, etc
  • Harmonizes bodily energies or doshas
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Free of sodium, yeast, gluten, sugar, artificial colors and flavors
  • Available in London, UK and worldwide


Holistic Essentials' Brahmi Powder: A Natural Boost for Concentration, Hair, and More

Uncover the multifaceted potential of Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), an esteemed herb recognized for its diverse applications. Holistic Essentials proudly presents certified organic Brahmi Powder, a natural powerhouse that can boost concentration, nurture your hair, and offer a range of Brahmi uses. This herbal supplement aligns with vegetarian and vegan preferences and comes in eco-friendly packaging.

Discover Brahmi's Versatility:

Brahmi, also known as Bacopa monnieri, transcends its historical significance as a revered Ayurvedic herb. It encompasses a wide spectrum of benefits, making it a versatile choice in holistic wellness:

  • Concentration and Mental Focus: Brahmi is renowned for its ability to enhance concentration and mental focus, making it an ideal ally for those facing demanding work or study environments.

  • Hair Nourishment: Brahmi's benefits extend to hair care. Brahmi for hair is a well-known remedy, promoting healthy hair growth and maintaining scalp health.

  • Brahmi Vati: Brahmi Vati, a traditional Ayurvedic formulation, harnesses the power of Brahmi for overall well-being.

  • Brahmi Uses: Brahmi is celebrated for its diverse applications in traditional Ayurvedic practices, addressing various health concerns.

  • Brahmi Powder Benefits: Brahmi powder offers a host of benefits, from cognitive support to hair health and beyond.



Experience the holistic versatility of Brahmi with Holistic Essentials' certified organic Brahmi Powder. Enhance your concentration, nurture your hair, and explore the wide array of Brahmi uses. Elevate your well-being with a product that aligns with ethical choices and eco-consciousness.

Key Ingredients

Our Brahmi Powder adheres to the highest standards of quality and purity. It is 100% certified organic, in accordance with European Council Regulations (EC), and bears the esteemed approval of the UK's Vegetarian Society. This endorsement extends to our vegan friends, as our product aligns with ethical dietary choices.

How to Use

For optimal results and to explore the myriad Brahmi uses, refer to the recommended usage instructions on the packaging or consult a professional for personalized guidance.


Q. Is Brahmi safe to take with pharmaceutical medication?

A- Holistic Essentials' Ashwagandha is essentially a whole herb source of nutrients or other substances with a possible nutritional or physiological result.

Like food, our herbs are generally safe to use with pharmaceutical medication. We suggest that consuming herbs be done as advised and at apart from prescribed medication.

If you are currently prescribed pharmaceutical drugs for blood-thinning, epilepsy or psychosis, immune suppression (e.g. anti-HIV or after transplants), or for any life-threatening condition, we suggest you consult the advice of your healthcare professional or the advice of an Ayurvedic Practitioner before taking whole herbs for nutrition.

Q. Is Brahmi  safe for a child to take?

A- Whilst herbs are natural and safe, as a precautionary measure we recommend that only those over the age of 16 take the adult dosage recommended on our products, unless told otherwise by a practitioner or a child's dosage as advised by an Ayurvedic Practitioner. 

Q. Does Brahmi have any side effects?

A- Our Brahmi whole herb capsules and powders are rigorously tested. Due to this professional testing generally there are no side effects associated with our food products, capsules and herbs.  As with any consumable, reactions and intolerances are always possible. If you experience anything unusual, please call our Customer Services team, who are always here to help. 

Q. Can I take Brahmi alongside other holistic treatments eg homeopathic, other herbs or nutritional supplements?

A- Whilst our food products are natural and safe it is always advisable to seek the advice of a Ayurvedic Practitioner if you are taking other herbs or homeopathics.

Q. Can I consume Brahmi if I am on the pill?

A- Yes, there is no known interaction with our food products or herbs and the contraceptive pill. If a cause of concern we advise you speak with your healthcare practitioner or Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Q. Is it okay to consume Brahmi if I’m about to have surgery?

A- We advise stopping herbs 7 days before surgery to avoid any complications.

Q. When is the best time to take the herbs and can they be taken with, before or after food?

A- The best time to take herbs is 15 minutes before food with warm water. If digestion is weak, take them after food with warm water. If you have forgotten, just take them at any time.

Q. I have problems swallowing capsules - how can I take the herbs?

A- You can empty the capsules into water or juices and drink.

Q. I have poor digestion – how can I take the herbs so they don't upset my digestion? 

A- If digestion is weak take the capsules after food.

Q. How do I store Holistic Essentials food products and herbs?

A- Store away from direct sunlight and below 30°C. 

Q. Are your capsules vegan?

A- The capsules are made from vegetarian cellulose and can be consumed by vegans.

Q. Why is there a silica sachet in my bottle of Brahmi?

A- We use silica sachets in some of our capsule products to prevent moisture from compromising the herbs. The silica sachet is completely safe for use in food products and should remain in the jar to prevent moisture. The contents of the sachet should not be consumed and disposed of appropriately once the bottle is empty.

Commitment to Purity

Our Brahmi Powder adheres to the highest standards of quality and purity. It is 100% certified organic, in accordance with European Council Regulations (EC), and bears the esteemed approval of the UK's Vegetarian Society. This endorsement extends to our vegan friends, as our product aligns with ethical dietary choices.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Holistic Essentials takes its commitment to sustainability seriously. Our environmentally-conscious packaging is designed to be fully recyclable, contributing to a greener future.

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