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Holistic Essentials

Dashamoola Mix - 200g - Pure & Natural

Dashamoola Mix - 200g - Pure & Natural

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  • Ingredients - 10 powerful roots like Bilva, Agnimantha, Shyonaka, Patala, Gambhari, and a mix of other roots, handpicked for their healing potential
  • 100% Certified Organic ingredients
  • Pure and Natural, free from artificial colors and flavours
  • Effective in restoring harmony and equilibrium, potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant concoction with a soothing effect
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Available in London, UK and worldwide



Unlock Ayurvedic Secrets with Holistic Essentials' Pure & Natural Dashamoola Mix

Step into a world of complete well-being with Holistic Essentials' Dashamoola Mix, an authentic 200g blend of ten potent Ayurvedic roots. Crafted for holistic wellness, our 100% pure and natural mix is a treasure trove of therapeutic properties that effortlessly align with your daily health routine. Experience the nourishing benefits of key ingredients like Bilva, Agnimantha, Shyonaka, and a powerful mix of other rejuvenating roots, each handpicked for their healing potential. Incorporate Holistic Essentials' Dashamoola Mix into your wellness journey and reap the revitalizing rewards.

Holistic Essentials Presents: A Melody of Roots in Dashamoola Mix
Holistic Essentials' expertly formulated blend is engineered to restore harmony and equilibrium to your body. Acting as a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant concoction, it includes beneficial roots such as Patala and Gambhari, guaranteeing a soothing effect. This mix stands out as a remarkable choice for holistic health rejuvenation and amplifies your body's innate healing mechanisms.

Tridosha Balance with Holistic Essentials' Dashamoola Mix
Our Dashamoola Mix is crafted to harmonize the three Tridoshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), ensuring its suitability for diverse body types and wellness requirements. Whether you aim to enhance digestion, relieve pain, or elevate your overall vitality, Holistic Essentials' Dashamoola Mix is tailored to meet your health aspirations.

Holistic Essentials: Guaranteeing Purity & Authentic Ayurveda
Free from artificial additives, Holistic Essentials' Dashamoola Mix guarantees you the purest and most authentic experience of traditional Ayurvedic wisdom. Our unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity ensures that you immerse yourself in Ayurveda's timeless wisdom in its most genuine form.

Embrace a life of health and serenity with Holistic Essentials' Dashamoola Mix, your natural ally for wellness and vitality.

Key Ingredients

10 powerful roots like Bilva, Agnimantha, Shyonaka, Patala, Gambhari, and a mix of other roots, handpicked for their healing potential

How to Use

  • Tea Preparation: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of Dashamoola Mix in a cup of hot water. Steep for 5-10 minutes, strain, and enjoy this calming herbal tea once or twice daily to help soothe your system and promote balance.
  • Warm Beverage: Mix Dashamoola powder with milk (or a plant-based alternative) and a touch of natural sweetener. Warm the mixture gently, stirring until smooth. This comforting drink is perfect for evenings, helping to relax the mind and body before bedtime.
  • Cooking: Incorporate Dashamoola Mix into your soups, stews, or broths. Add a teaspoon while cooking to imbue your meals with its healthful properties, enhancing digestion and vitality.
  • Topical Application: For external use, create a paste by mixing Dashamoola powder with water or a suitable oil. Apply to areas of discomfort or as part of a relaxing massage to harness its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Note: While Dashamoola Mix is a versatile supplement, it's important to tailor its use to your personal health needs. Consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner to optimize its benefits for your specific constitution or health concerns.

Embrace the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with Holistic Essentials' Dashamoola Mix, and make it a cornerstone of your holistic health practice.

Commitment to Purity

Our Dashamoola Mix maintains unparalleled standards of quality and purity in accordance with European Council Regulations (EC). It also carries the distinguished certification from the UK's Vegetarian Society, rendering it a perfect selection for both vegetarians and vegans, consistent with ethical dietary guidelines.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Holistic Essentials is deeply dedicated to sustainability. Our eco-friendly packaging is crafted with the environment in mind, ensuring that it is completely recyclable and supports our vision of a more sustainable world. This commitment not only reflects our responsibility to the planet but also empowers our customers to contribute to a healthier ecosystem by choosing products that are in harmony with nature.

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