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Kansa Bowl

Kansa Bowl

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Kansa Bowl is a small handmade bronze bowl which is used on the feet during Pada Abhyanga treatments, an Ayurvedic foot massage treatment. The Kansa Bowl, when rubbed in circular motions on the sole of the client’s feet, can help to draw out heat from the body and provide a refreshing but relaxing stimulation of the body’s energy channels. Potential health benefits of the treatment using the Kansa Bowl include helping to achieve better sleep, increased blood circulation, relief from tired feet and improved lymphatic circulation. Kansa Bowl foot treatments can also help with digestive and immunity health.

Our high quality Kansa Bowl is designed to be comfortable for the hand of the therapist delivering the treatment.

Our Kansa Bowls are sold individually.

Our Quality Pledge

We provide authentic Ayurvedic equipment handcrafted to the highest of quality and precision. Our equipment and product line set us apart from competitors as we never compromise on sourcing the best raw materials and craftsmanship.

How to Use

Ayurveda Pura provides the Ayurvedic Foot Massage training. This treatment with the use of Kansa Bowl should only be carried out by a qualified therapist or practitioner.

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