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Neti Pot - Stainless Steel

Neti Pot - Stainless Steel

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Ayurveda Pura's Stainless Steel Neti Pots for nasal irrigation are of a truly superior quality. Key features include:

- Very high quality, stainless steel - this product is made of 100% stainless steel, has a high polished finish and will not rust or corrode

- Comfortable, detachable spout and nose piece - the nose piece has rounded non-sharp tip for maximum comfort when placing near the nostril and the entire spout can be removed for thorough nasal cleanse (whenever required)

- The design creates an optimal water jet pressure (not too much, not too little)

The filling hole at the top is sufficiently large to allow easy filling, easy cleaning from the inside and avoids liquid spilling out over the sides when the pot is tipped up
All in all, a great Neti Pot that should be a welcome companion in your daily health routine! Enjoy and be well!

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