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Holistic Essentials

Natural Serenity Candle - Tridoshic

Natural Serenity Candle - Tridoshic

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  • 100% Organic, Non Toxic Ingredients 
  • Ideal for a peaceful night in or meditation, this hand-poured candle is a perfect gift for any occasion .
  • Ingredients: Organic Rose and Peony Oils, 100% natural wax blend, comprising Soy, Rape, Coconut, and Beeswax.
  • With up to 40 hours of burn time, long-lasting fragrance. 
  • Available in London, UK and worldwide


Holistic Essentials' Natural Serenity Candle: A Harmony of Nature and Fragrance

Introduction: Indulge in the serene embrace of Holistic Essentials' All Natural Serenity Candle, a fusion of nature's finest elements and soothing scents. Our candles are not just a source of light; they're a testament to the power of organic, non-toxic ingredients. Infused with the delicate aromas of Rose and Peony, this candle is a celebration of organic candles and essential oil wax, offering a natural, eco-friendly way to enrich your space.

Product Description:

  • Eco-Friendly Natural Ingredients: Our candles are crafted from a 100% natural wax blend, comprising Soy, Rape, Coconut, and Beeswax. This unique combination ensures a clean, non-toxic burn, embodying our commitment to natural candle ingredients.
  • Luxurious Essential Oils: Imbued with the exquisite essential oils of Rose and Peony, our candles offer a fragrance that balances the five elements - fire, water, earth, air, and space. This harmonious blend makes it an all-encompassing scent for every individual.
  • Hand-Poured with Care: Each candle is a product of meticulous handcrafting, honoring the 5000-year-old Ayurvedic tradition. This process guarantees a candle that's not only a light source but a piece of holistic art.
  • Extended Burn Time: With up to 40 hours of burn time, our Serenity Candle provides long-lasting fragrance. Proper care ensures this candle retains its mesmerizing scent for months.

    Conclusion: Holistic Essentials' All Natural Serenity Candle is more than a candle; it's a commitment to sustainable, health-conscious living. Ideal for a peaceful night in or meditation, this hand-poured candle is a perfect gift for any occasion, embodying the essence of natural candle scents and organic purity.

      Key Ingredients

      • Rose Essential Oil: Known for its cooling and calming effects, Rose oil adds a touch of floral elegance and tranquility to the atmosphere.
      • Peony Extract: This herb's sedative properties contribute to creating a relaxing and serene environment, perfect for unwinding.

      How to Use

      • To maximize the 40-hour burn time, light the candle until the top layer of wax melts evenly, especially during the first use.
      • If the wick becomes too long, trim it to ensure an even burn and to prevent over-burning.
      • After melting to the edge, extinguish the flame and relish the lingering scent as the wax solidifies.

      Commitment to Purity

      Natural Farming: We source our ingredients from natural farms, ensuring the highest quality and purity. Our stringent quality control tests confirm the absence of heavy metals, bacteria, and fungus, reflecting our pledge to purity and safety.

      Fragrance Oils and Scents: The natural candle scents in our Natural Serenity Candle are derived from fragrance oils that are safe, soothing, and environmentally friendly.

      Eco-Conscious Packaging

      With environmental consideration at the forefront, our products are consciously crafted, incorporating durable glass to guarantee safety and sustainability. Committed to reducing our ecological impact, we meticulously choose materials that balance functionality and eco-consciousness, promoting a cycle of reuse and recycling. Together, let's strive towards a healthier planet, one product at a time.

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