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Holistic Essentials

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program

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Transform your body and health in just 21 days!

This program includes:

  • Get Fit Mix
  • Daily Detox Mix
  • Herbal Tea Collection

Our holistic weight loss program starts on June 10th, prioritizing your well-being through natural, sustainable methods. 

Say goodbye to crash diets and hello to a healthier you! 

With a focus on gut and hormonal health, our program offers personalised plans, delicious healthy recipes, nourishing Ayurvedic smoothies, live zoom yoga sessions, lifestyle adjustments, rejuvenating treatments, and unwavering support in our private WhatsApp group. 

*Join us for an Instagram live event on June 9th at 11 am to learn more and start your journey towards a fitter, happier you!

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