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Holistic Essentials

Guggul Powder - 500g

Guggul Powder - 500g

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  • 100% Certified Organic Herb
  • Natural Herbal Food Supplement
  • Guardian against ailments, fortifying health and safeguarding against a multitude of wellness concerns
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Free of sodium, yeast, gluten, sugar, artificial colors and flavors
  • Beneficial for Kapha, Pitta,Vata and Tridoshic
  • Available in London, UK and worldwide


A Traditional Ayurvedic Elixir for Comprehensive Well-Being

Known historically as the "guardian against ailments," Guggul holds a special place in Ayurveda for its versatile healing properties. This remarkable herb serves as a Rasayana, fortifying your health and safeguarding you against a multitude of wellness concerns.

Diverse Herbal Applications: From Kanchnar Guggul to Medohar Guggulu

Holistic Essentials offers an array of specialized Guggul powders to cater to various health needs. Whether you're looking for Kanchnar Guggul powder for lymphatic wellness, Medohar Guggulu powder for weight control, Gokshuradi Guggulu powder for urinary well-being, or Triphala Guggul powder for digestive health, our offerings provide a comprehensive solution for your well-being.

UK Vegetarian Society-Approved: A Conscious Choice for Vegans

Committed to ethical sourcing and exceptional quality, our Guggul powder is vegan-friendly and proudly carries the seal of approval from the UK's Vegetarian Society.

Premium-Quality Ingredients in Every Pouch

Each pouch is filled with 500g of pure, natural Guggul powder. Free from sodium, yeast, gluten, sugar, artificial colours, and flavours, it makes for an ideal addition to a balanced diet.

Final Takeaways

Embark on a journey of holistic health with Holistic Essentials' Guggul powder. Available in various formulations like Kanchnar Guggul and Medohar Guggulu, this Ayurvedic marvel offers a comprehensive health solution for today's wellness challenges.

Disclaimer: The content provided is for informational objectives and should not serve as a substitute for professional medical consultation. We strongly advise consulting a qualified healthcare professional before adopting any new health-related practices.

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Customer Reviews:

"I have been using Holistic Essentials' Guggul Powder for a month now and have seen significant improvement in my joint health."
– Emily, Satisfied Customer

"A wonderful, natural product that aligns perfectly with my wellness goals. Highly recommend it!"
– Richard, Long-time User

Key Ingredients

Each pouch is filled with 500g of pure, natural Guggul powder. Free from sodium, yeast, gluten, sugar, artificial colours, and flavours, it makes for an ideal addition to a balanced diet.

How to Use

For optimum benefits, mix 1-2 teaspoons of the powder with water to make a paste or blend it into a smoothie. Consume up to three times a day or follow the recommendations of a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner or healthcare expert, especially if you're pregnant or under medical care.

Commitment to Purity

Our Guggul powder comes from hand-selected herbs sourced from certified organic and naturally cultivated farms. Subject to stringent quality testing by experienced professionals, our Guggul range is free from heavy metals, bacteria, and fungi, embodying our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Holistic Essentials is profoundly committed to environmental stewardship. Our packaging is thoughtfully designed to be eco-conscious and fully recyclable, aligning with our goal for a more sustainable future. This dedication showcases our commitment to the Earth and also enables our customers to play a part in nurturing a healthier ecosystem through their choice of products that resonate with natural harmony.

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